Product designer with more than 10 years of experience in multiple markets.

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My first job after my bachelor in Graphic Design was in Los Angeles, at Plural, while I was in Santiago de Chile, so I like to say I grown up working remote.

After that I worked with Jelly digital, an agency with focus on Public Relations, which helped me a lot in my communications skills, specially because I worked creating plenty of content with them, specially for Google Plus, yeah, long time ago.

When Ilogica called me, was to start building their design team and internal processes, and I had the most fun doing so.

We build plenty of design systems and websites for multiple companies.

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After all that fun, I decided to move to Canada, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and learn a new language, I ended-up learning two, Oui, frances aussie.

Lightspeed gave me the opportunity and ownership of their Retail Point of Sale for iOS, which gave me so much experience.

I had the chance to meet and work with many internal stakeholders and multiple users types. I helped connecting them and making the biggest release of the product in many years. Which gave me an internal promotion to work together with the Sales team to re design their processes.

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Played many roles at Opslock

I builded a Design System for Opslock and put in place a Design Thinking culture internally. Professionally this was a great challenge because we builded an inexistent product that calculate risk in real time trough Artificial intelligence.

Parallel and to help a few of our customers I drive discovery sessions to map out current Customer Journey in their digitalization processes.

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Mural, enabling collaboration on the go

This is by far, one of the most increible web app I ever used, because it allows you not just to visualize your thinking, but also to collaborate with others at the same time.

My role is to enable this collaboration to happen on the go, by normalizing all interface for Mobile and Tablet.

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Between my profesional work, I've started to paint. So I'm really proud to invite you to give a look to my first artist collection.

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