Retails Point of Sale at Lightspeed

When I joined Lightspeed, we were around 600 people, and a product design team of around 6, we were all working in different business unit, so we didn't have the chance to meet with many of them at the time, so my best friends were my squad and the support team, that shows me how the product worked and all the flaws they were getting calls for, and without realizing, we start building the best business case to improve the main problem of the app.

Users were feeling a general confusion on the duality of the POS, yes, duality, the POS was having an iOS native version (with limited features) and a web based version with all the features

So, with the Product manager at the time, we start placing all our efforts in contacting local customer that could help us with user testing and their daily experiences using the product, which help us to connect with many internal departments.

We first tested and iterate in the information architecture of the app, we User-test-it with many of the Support agents, Business and Sales teams, so, the process felt collaborative for everybody, and over all it start to create a momentum in the company, people start to talk about this product and the ideas we were testing with them.

After testing and feeling more secure moving forward, I start to test the first versions of the final user interface. Internally, I needed to work with Lunar, the design system for iOS. Which allows me to collaborate with the team in the normalization of the key color, contrast and a few accessibility features.

And at this point, I wasn't happy at all with the direction the product was taking, every felt too mobile first and we were not really using the real state the iPad was giving us.

Ok, this is my favourite part, after coffee talking with one of my collegues, I learned that we -Ligthspeed- are part of the Apple Mobile Partnership Program, so we could validate that everything we were planing to develop was Apple approved. Which gave us the opportunity to go to the WWDC and work together with a few of their product designers.

So when we were confident enough to move forward, we start planning our Beta and release, to make sure the User Interface was instantly understood, and no chance to fail...

As you can imagine, any merchant want to have a day without selling.

So we started with around 10 merchants and expecting at least a 70% of approval in the usage of the new point of sale structure. And yes, we got it!

So we packed and flew to Amsterdam, where we have most of our users and make a big event, to present the new product and to test the new features we were already thinking to feature pair with the web version of the point of sale.

Some -canadian- Apple Store feedback

Finally, this project allowed us to map out many of the user flows into Customer journey maps for future iterations.

In this project I work together with:
Remi Auge, as a Product manager and
Luc-Olivier as Team lead tech.

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