Learning Agreement Erasmus Rub

April 10th, 2021

Send a PDF scan of your Transcript of Records (ToR) to erasmus-dokumente@rub.de The host university must provide you with and send you a transcript of recordings or record your exam results in a database that is available to you online. This document lists all the courses you actually took at the host university. Before you go to the host university, please ask yourself how to get your official transcript. When the host university sends the ToR directly to the International Office of Bochum Ruhr University, you will be contacted to retrieve it. A scan remains in the International Office. Important note: By signing the apprenticeship contract, you have agreed to acquire between 15 and 30 ECTS per semester abroad. If the minutes of the recordings list less than 15 ECTS points per semester, a statement must be submitted and confirmed by the coordinator of the ERASMUS department. If there is no conclusive justification, you may need to repay (part of) the ERASMUS grant. An exception can only be made in cases of difficulties. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the International Office. Email the number of ECTS transferred by your host institution to Bochum Ruhr University to the International Office: erasmus-dokumente@rub.de your department at Bochum Ruhr University can recognize the ECTS obtained abroad using your record transcript of the host institution. Talk to your ERASMUS coordinator and/or your audit firm.

The payment of the second tranche of the ERASMUS grant is not bound by the transfer of your ECTS. For more information on studying abroad after completing your studies abroad at the host university, send a scan of the Confirmation of Stay in the form of a PDF file via email to the International Office: erasmus-dokumente@rub.de Confirmation of stay, the exact data of the stay at the host university will migrate. The daily counting of your promotion is based on confirmed data. The form may be available five days before the end of the study. Send a scan of the Transcript of Records (ToR) in the form of a PDF file by email to the International Office: erasmus-dokumente@rub.deThe host university must issue a certificate. I.d.R. is sent by mail or email. From time to time, you can put it in place of a database your host university itself.

In the Transcript, all courses actually taken at the host university are enrolled. Before you leave, please specify with your interlocutors at the host university what form you provided the Transcript of Records. If the host school sends the ToR directly to the International Office, you will receive by email that you can retrieve the certificate. A scan remains in the International Office.